Kitchens Photographed Inside Out

Most kitchen photographs focus on the style or design they show off to the world… these images turn that around, or inside out, to show us a hidden side of peoples cupboards. Photographer Erik Klein Wolterink says he has “focused on the innards of the kitchens, as if the exterior didn’t matter.” He opened all the cupboards, drawers, fridges and ovens, taking images of each piece and reconstructing each into a flatened collage of cutlery, vegetables, cans and cups. It’s a kitchen as we’ve never seen it before.


What we find inside these kitchens reveals much more about the people who occupy them than their style alone would. The items inside these drawers may have collected over months or even decades, giving us a look at the individual cleanliness of each individual. Unique items like Ethopian spice mix, instant mashed potatoes and Korma curry give us a look at the individuals culinary tastes, cooking prowess and possibly a clue into their heritage. Overall it’s a very transparent and even bold thing for each kitchen owner… especially for those with less than tidy kitchens. The photographs are now available in the 240 page book Kitchen Portraits. You can find out more and see additional pictures at


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