33 UK Billboards Hijacked by Brandalism

In the UK alone, there are over 100,000 large scale billboards currently on display. While many of these gigantic ads are entertaining and engaging, there are many who would rather not be shouted at from every corner about something they “should” want or “should” be. Enter the Brandalism project.

Inspired by the guerilla art of the 20 th Century along with the Dadaists, Situationist and Street Art movements, the UK based crew behind the work you see here have hit 33 billboards in 5 cities, repasting them with subversive art and graphics which comment on our consumer culture. The massive project is the result of 8 months of work and planning, followed by an advert plastering road trip through the country; editing and developing on the fly.


In placing these subversive pieces the group is actively reclaiming outdoor space while challenging the authority and legitimacy of the advertising industry. In the process their work acts as a bold, controversial and thought provoking demonstration which will certainly spark plenty of conversation about how we want our cities, towns and countryside to look.

The collaborative project, which takes its name from little known writer Sean Tejaratchi and subsequently Banksy’s latest book ‘Wall & Piece’, sees 25 artists from 8 countries coming together to share their talents in such diverse disciplines as street art, graffiti, illustration, political art, photo montage and culture jamming. Further help for the project came from representatives in the arts, community, activists, third sector and academic networks… making this one very well organized and supported project.

Expect more in the near future as the group works towards their goal of reclaiming 50 billboards. You can find out more at brandalism.org.uk or follow them on Twitter.


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