Hollywood Stars Go Colorfully Pop

If you could shoot bursts of controlled confetti and make it look like the Hollywood stars of old, you’d have portraits a lot like those of graphic designer and illustrator Alessandro Pautasso. This passionate Italian artist has created a large collection of famous American stars, from Audrey Hepburn to Paul Newman and Rita Hayworth, all with his signature bold colors and abstract geometric shapes. In doing so he hopes to revive the colors of the past… but he’s also breathing new and imaginative life into stars which have been re-interpreted many times.

Puatasso (aka Kaneda) found his first interest in drawing as a child, where under the guidance of his mother who is a painter, he gained the foundation for the work you see here. Later, he explains, he discovered an illustrated book about the Beatles by Alan Aldridge, sparking his passion for design and illustration. Since then he’s never looked back, working in the commercial arts field while simultaneously pursuing his blossoming career in art.


Here we look at examples from his last two series’, both titled Abstract Colors but with different twists on their execution. In his latest 5 examples, which you will find above and below, he has simplified his previous technique, giving more weight to the color and its ability to convey each stars personality. You’ll find more of his work at nosurprises.it

Above: Audrey Hepburn
Below: Paul Newman

Marilyn Monroe

Rita Hayworth

Joan Crawford

John Wayne

Frank Sinatra

Bette Davis

James Dean

Yul Brynner

Greta Garbo

Humphrey Bogart

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