Unexpected Street Fighters

Who would win in an epic fight to the death between KFC’s Colonel Sanders & Ronald McDonald? According to Kei Suwabe’s illustration of a Street Fighter IV score screen, old Sanders is in the lead. He must be using his cane against that creepy, agile clown from my nightmares. Suwabe has come up with and illustrated an unexpected line of Street Fighter IV characters, some of which I’d rather hug than beat to a bloody pulp.


Since Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar certainly aren’t fighting heart disease or obesity, they might as well fight Hello Kitty and the Mickey Mouse for world dominance. If you’ve been wondering, “where’s Waldo?” fret no more. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see that he’s been getting juiced up and hitting the gym for this street fighting debut. Maybe Capcom will consider some of Kei Suwabe’s characters for the next version of Street Fighter.


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