Like a Sir: Superheroes Go Super Classic

Just take a look at these classically themed superhero portraits! It’s hard to imagine the protagonists of our favorite comic books and cinema looking any more dapper: surrounded by ornate gold frames and dressed in elegant suits, complete with frilly dress shirts from days long gone. There is a pocket hankerchief here and there, at least one monicle, and wait… is Batman sporting a daring mustache? Yes he is, yes indeed.

These winning digital illustrations, a series called Like a Sir, have been created by a mustache wearing, Paris dwelling artist who originally hails from Edremit, Turkey. Now he works for an undisclosed Italian “Haute Couture” brand and on the side creates such intriguing art as you see here. As if his work wasn’t enough, his name itself is fit for the alter-ego of one of the heroes he illustrates: Berk Senturk.


Included in this collection are such comic and movie stars as V from V for Vendetta, Captain America, Tony Stark from Ironman, Rorschach from the Watchmen, a very classy Clark Kent, The Hulk, Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Heath Ledger’s excellent Joker, and Batman. It’s an incredibly excellent cast of characters… and there are more to come. To see more of Senturk’s work, check out his personal page or even more on Behance.


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