Underwater Portraits Express Life in the City

Many times when you live in a big city, instead of feeling more connected to the world and people around you, you feel further from it. Overwhelmed, the experience can be almost as if you were drowning, unable to breathe for all the people. This project by French photographer and graphic designer, Alban Grosdidier, is a response to that feeling, capturing portraits which visually demonstrate the state of submersion. His images show people, both peacefully beautiful and claustrophobically unnerving… all under shallow water, their faces distorted by the clear suface.


Grosdidier displayed his first image, enlarged many times into poster form, on the watery shores of the Seine river this past January. He explains that, because there are as many ways of dealing with this city based feeling of drowning as there are people, there are still many portraits waiting to be done. He followed up his exhibition on the Seine with a series of images along the Saint Martin canal in July. For more on his photography see his personal website albangrosdidier.com

Photos of single installation by Laurie Vidal. 
Multiple installations photographed by Fred Feuillet.


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