More Real Life Banksy Photos by Nick Stern

About six weeks ago we brought you some of Nick Stern’s awesome Banksy re-makes using real people and now he has released even more. One of the most well known street artists of our time, Banksy’s satirical, political street art has brought him international fame. Nick Stern is also internationally acclaimed for his photography, so he is the perfect candidate to re-create some of these famous graffiti scenes. Each scene takes Stern 2-3 hours to recreate due to his meticulous attention to detail:

I have an obsession with detail so the most time consuming part is sourcing the costumes and props to ensure the images match as close to Banksy’s images as possible. Where things aren’t available I make them. The Machine gun the small boy is holding should be a Vietnam era M60 gun. I couldn’t get hold of one (for a reasonable price) so I modified a different replica gun, using garden sprinkler tube for the barrels and all kinds of electrical and plumbing fittings. Along with 60 Crayola Crayons!


Check out more of Nick Stern’s fine art photography on his website and Facebook page and follow him on Twitter.

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