Haunting Images of a Spinning Woman

You can use animated GIF’s so many ways – from the cheesy sparkling graphics that dominated MySpace, to looping film clips or artfully animated drawings – there are a host of possibilities. These GIF’s, coming out of Japan at about 2 per week are really something different though. From the Tumblr blog, RRRRRRRROLL, the images feature a mysterious woman who spins in circles while the rest of the world stays completely still. More unusual, as if she is being spun by some unseen force, her feet stay aligned with her body as she spins.

What magic do we have here, and what does it all mean? We’re not completely sure – and maybe that’s the point – but it is certainly captivating to watch. The imagery is hauntingly beautiful, capturing the protagonist of these looping stories in repeated locations as diverse as a fishing boat filled harbor, a forest and a darkened room. Her expressionless face further adds to the bizarre and puzzling nature of the images, and gives each an unreal aura regardless of the local. To see more in the continuing series, head to Tumblr, Facebook or follow the work on Twitter.


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