Winning Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

With the 2012 Wimbledon Championships just ending this past weekend, spectators at the event and around the world witnessed records being broken, upsets stealing the show, and the domination of the Williams sisters and Roger Federer. Wimbledon combines the best modern-day advanced sports technology with the charm of an English country garden, and is the only one of the major tennis championships to be played on grass. Whether you saw every match, or didn’t watch a single moment, there are still some interesting facts to learn about the Wimbledon Championship in this graphic created by Confused

The ages of the champions have fluctuated over the years, with the youngest men’s champion being 17 years old, and the oldest 41. The youngest ladies champ was 15 years old, and the oldest 37. This year, thirty may be the new 20. Both Serena Williams and Roger Federer were the singles champions at 30 years old (with many competitors in the men’s singles wishing they could swap their serve for Serena’s).


The future of Wimbledon looks interesting as well. The Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University has projected what Wimbledon will look like in 2036 for players, audiences, and the sport. The future is filled with sensors on rackets, balls, and courts, providing a wealth of information for athletes to regulate water and nutrient intake based off their readings and help them to optimize performance.

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