Sharks: Decoding the Mysteries of the Ancient Predator

Sharks have been one of the most feared creatures of the ocean for nearly 400 million years. There are more than 400 living species of sharks in our world, with over 200 of those species being listed on the World Conservation Union’s “Red List” of endangered species. This graphic from the History Channel brings us some very interesting facts about these wild creatures while highlighting their new series Shark Wranglers . The show will head to the Atlantic Ocean, faring some of the world’s most treacherous waters, while following Chris Fischer and his crew aboard the shark research vessel OCEARCH. Their mission: to decode the mystery of one of the planets most notorious predators, the great white shark.

Fischer and crew will risk their lives to tag and track the great whites, hoping to reveal where they feed, breed and prowl. The crew only has 40 days to catch and tag 50 great whites, and they do this in the face of great danger. Every day they will come face to face with the predator that has terrorized the oceans for millions of years. But, they don’t have to deal just with the sharks: they will have rough weather, rougher oceans and poachers to contend with as well. The crew will explore the relationship between man and beast — and the age-old struggle between man and nature.

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