Ink on Skin: Intricate Pen Drawings on Faces

What would it look like to have your physical and mental scars in full view to the world? Maybe it would look something like these face drawings by artist Pinpin Co. Working closely with her subjects, she often spends over 5 hours drawing intricately on their faces and striving to bring out the deeper aspects of their inner and outer landscapes. The results of her work, created with a fine 0.38mm gel ink pen, are often beautiful and sometimes a bit disturbing.

In one of her recent works, above, Pinpin reconnected with her father whom she had never lived with, drawing on his face and bringing out one of perhaps her most moving pieces.


Unlike a tattoo, Pinpin’s work is by nature, temporary; only remaining for our eyes through her talent for beautiful photography. For this reason, her photographic choices say nearly as much as those made in her illustrations, dictating for viewers how they witness her decorated subjects. Especially stunning are her images with stark, black backgrounds: they pop her characters forward, emphasizing their drawn nature to such an extent that we almost lose the sense that these are real-life people with ink on their faces.

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