A 19 Year Old Photographer with a Surreal Twist

For the young age of 19 years old, Brian Oldham has an unreal talent for photography. His works seem to hang somewhere in between motion and stillness, giving us that restless feeling only youth can have. Since his debut in the photography world just one year ago, the southern California based artist has continued to produce impressive surreal images caught firmly between waking and dreaming; the real and the imagined.

surreal photography


Oldham’s latest works continue to push the envelope of creativity, giving the viewer plenty of questions to ask about how each piece was created. While many involve digital manipulation, his viewpoints often confound explanation and the realism of his creations easily make one wonder which portion is real and which has been deftly reworked. It is clear that each piece of these images is carefully planned for maximum dreamlike impact. To see more of Oldham’s work, head to his website or check out his flickr page.

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