Impossible Objects: Perfectly Useless & Entertaining

How do you make a hammer for delicate jobs? Maybe you could make it out of glass. That’s the crazy logic behind many of the creations you’ll find here, defying any sense of reality or possibility of real use. From the warped mind of the late french artist Jacques Carelman, the objects you see here began with his 1969 Catalogue d’Objets Introuvables (Catalog of Impossible Objects) which emulated and parodied the style of the mail order catalog in his own bizarre fashion. In creating his whimsical objects he provided an entertaining commentary on modern society:

“Human activities are countless and varied. Some make airplanes, others turn into public funds or into a conversation. Personally, I prefer to strip common objects of their normal use. It’s less dangerous, more honest and infinitely more fun! My objects, as opposed to objects worshipped by our consumer society, are perfectly useless.”

After his first show in 1972, Carelman’s objects have been on constant tour around the world and continue to be seen even after his passing in April of this year. As part of his legacy, objects from his collection are now being reproduced, beginning with his Coffeepot for Masochists (shown above). To vote for which object to replicate next, head to


Above: Coffeepot for Masochists
Below: Flat Chair

Glass Hammer for Delicate Works

Economic Faucet

Kangaroo Rifle

Lateral Rocking Chair

Curved Ping-Pong Table

Double Toothbrush

Lace Condom

Sewing Machine with an Animal Motor

Cleaning Sneakers

Siamese Hammers

Folding Travel Anvil

Converging Tandem


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