Portraiture in Collage: The Work of Charles Williams

These portraits might appear a bit chunky at first, but just give your eyes a squint and a clear, realistic image pops out of the screen. Together, the sometimes linear, sometimes amoebic images make up the exciting work of graphic designer and digital artist Charles Williams. His portraits capture many famous world figures, and reproduce their likenesses with his uniquely layered collage style. While his work follows a unifying method, he frequently reworks the way it is implemented: some containing a cut fabric like treatment, others appearing to be made of paper… or in the case of his portrait of Mad Men’s Don Draper he breaks his shapes into non-layered fragments.

Not surprising considering his highly creative eye, Williams has been featured in a large number of high level publications and ad campaigns. His clients range from Nike and ESPN Magazine to GQ, Seat and VW… even design software giant Adobe has gotten in on the action. Very impressive.


The work featured here comes from his personal site, madeup.org, but for more conventional design and typography work be sure to stop by his professional site madeupwork.org.


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