Whiteboard Drawings Done on a Short Lunch Break

Think you’ve got whiteboard art skills? Just check out these drawings by Gregory Euclide who creates each astounding piece on his short 25 minute lunch break. It’s hard to believe the speed with which he must create each of the detailed pieces, seamlessly working in both realistic architectural elements and abstract linear swooshes. Unlike so many illustrations done with dry erase markers – which only leave crisp well defined lines – his works mix in drips and wet streaks from areas he’s moistened. The results hardly look as if they could be drawn on whiteboard at all.


Besides these quick works, Euclide has made a name for himself doing mixed media reliefs in his signature swooping style. Unafraid to use a vast variety of materials, his pieces frequently incorporate such different objects as cigarette filters, pine cones, mushrooms and mylar. It’s only a testament to his skill that the completed pieces mix these objects into a perfectly unified whole, nearly hiding the source of their form. Follow him on Twitter or check out more of his whiteboard drawings (including some he spends more than a lunch break on) at gregoryeuclide.com.


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