The Surreal in Real Life: Photography by Andrew Baines

What is a cows natural environment? Most of us would say it’s not an ocean, but by putting these farm animals in the sea alongside bowler hat wearing businessmen, artist Andrew Baines hopes to communicate the surreal. Back when he was a kid, Andrew was told by his Dad that all the British corporate workers, donning their classic black suit and bowler, were “corporate battery hens heading off to work nine to five every day until they turn 60, get a gold watch and drop dead.” In order to create pieces that free the unfortunate workers caught in the predicament of the daily grind, Baines created images of them in the liberating ocean.


Based in Australia, Baines has been creating live art installations throughout the country since 2005. He makes his pieces permanent in both film and photography, creating real-life images which stand out for the fine line they walk between reality and dreams. See more of his unusual pieces at

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