Drawing On Guitars With a Permanent Marker

Oh the power of the permanent marker… when nothing else is at hand, there always seems to be one of these broad tip pens within reach. Whether used for business, tagging the walls of a bathroom stall or creating beautiful artwork, these magical pens create a lasting and distinct fat, black line. Patrick Fisher is creating some very fine art using the pens, and he’s using guitars as his canvas.


Fisher’s drawings are fantastically detailed and beautiful to behold. His strong linear creations cover the face of the instrument with both realistic and highly fanciful subjects. One example, Filament, zooms down to a macro level, revealing a small world occupied by flies and dominated by beautiful organic details. Another example, 3rd Octave, places the destroyed soundboard of a piano squarely on the top of the guitar. Are you a guitarist and interested in commissioning work from this stelar artist? You’ll find out more on his flickr page.

Above and below: Filament

Below: 3rd Octave

Below: In the Hope of An Empire


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