Aquatic Graffiti with Old World Charm

On the streets and rivers of far western europe, incredible aquatically themed art is appearing on almost a weekly basis. Who is this mysterious artist? A Sheffield UK based guy going by the name Phlegm, we don’t know much about his back story, but we do know this: his art is exceedingly unique and beautiful. Creating huge, sprawling pieces which cover the sides of old decrepit buildings and the walls of brick lined river ways, his art is decidedly aquatic in nature.

Featuring bizarre fish that have been caught, precisely dissected and sometimes mechanized by strange bipedal creatures, each black and white piece is captivating in both its subject matter and exceedingly well chosen placement. Phlegm creates some pieces which brilliantly interact with the waters they surround – in one case illustrating boatmen which float just above the waters surface on a wall, in another, painting a serpentine sea monster arching in and out of a flowing river.

The pieces have an otherworldly look which mix steampunk like mechanical elements, while perhaps harkening back to a still earlier era when spears were the fishing element of choice. For more of this artists beautiful work see

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