Your Favorite Movies Remixed into An Audio Playground

It’s hard to get enough of these amazingly beautiful movie remixes from audio/visual master Pogomix. It’s not so much about the video here though, but more about the intricate audio collages remixed from the sounds in each film. Pogomix does this adeptly, creating electronic music which sweeps us away into a nostalgic sugar high, reminding us of our youth and tickling our ears with smooth sine wave bass. He’s taken such hits as Hook, Harry Potter and about every Disney Princess movie, and created extremely catchy tunes using sounds from the films.

Perhaps the standout of the mixes, his “Bangarang” remix of Hook, loops Dustin Hoffman’s clicking mustache throughout the track. Equally grabbing, is his “Boo Bass” remix of Monsters Inc, which takes the soft baby giggles of lead character Boo, and creates a dreamy and soothing dreamscape. Pogomix’s newest remix is perhaps a bit more harsh, taking lines and plenty of gunshots from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction to create “Lead Breakfast.”

Ready for more? Pogomix (aka Nick Bertke) is also a master of YouTube and has a number of tracks on SoundCloud. You can find more at his personal website, or follow him on Twitter.

Pogomix’s newest creation, using sounds from Quentin Tarantino’s legendary Pulp Fiction:


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