Famous Musicians Show Off Their Sporty Sides

Have you ever wondered how Bob Marley kept his slim figure despite having the munchies constantly? It could be from playing soccer backstage. In this collection of vintage photos, you will see a side of some famous musicians that you may have never known about. Bob Marley, Elton John, Robert Plant & Rod Stewart enjoyed kicking the soccer ball around (some more scantily clad than others). George Harrison, Pat Boone, Trini Lopez, and Bob Dylan loved hitting the tennis courts, while Frank Zappa, Ray Davies, & John Dalton preferred their tennis on a table. See Joan Jett running track and Elvis Presley playing good old-fashioned American Football. It’s fun to find these vintage gems that remind us that it wasn’t always sex and drugs and rock and roll for our favorite musicians.


Above: Bob Marley & Jimi Hendrix playing soccer backstage (UPDATE: Just a Jimi Hendrix look alike- This photo was taken in 1979 and Hendrix died in 1970. Thank you Steve!)
Below: Elton John Shows Off His Soccer Skills in front of George Best

Bob Dylan


Frank Zappa

George Harrison

Joan Jett

Pat Boone & Trini Lopez

Ray Davies & John Dalton of The Kinks

Bob Dylan

Robert Plant

Rod Stewart

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