Amber the Human: Illustrations for Cool Squares

When illustrations take form with whatever pen is handy, on lined paper possibly stolen from the high school supplies closet, they can’t help but have that youthful hopefulness that draws us in and makes us look forward with feelings of possibility. Amber Zuniga throws down some seriously cool ink on paper, even if she describes herself as a “major square.” Her drawings and the text that accompanies them can be anything from nostalgically poignant to hilariously nonsensical… the perfect match to her rough yet pitch-perfect drawing style.


In some ways her drawings remind me of the work of Daniel Johnston – without all the manic depression and schizophrenia – playful and childlike with a healthy dose of cleverly worded verse. Her words adeptly comment on the deeper things in life, even while poking fun at them. Did I mention that Amber is only 18? What could be in store for the future? Find out on her tumblr blog 4RT F4RT or follow her on Twitter.


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