Clients from Hell: The Video

For anyone who’s worked in the creative world, there are always those clients who seem to stand out. Maybe they don’t know what a pixel is, or are set on telling you those complimentary colors don’t quite work together… or maybe their suggested payment method is a little unconventional. When working with people there are always good stories of the times communication just didn’t seem to flow: this video highlights some of the best of those moments from the design world, sourced from the painfully hilarious site Clients from Hell.


If you haven’t run across Clients from Hell before, you’re in for a treat. A collection of anonymously collected stories and quotes from around the globe, the subjects range from the absurd to the downright infuriating… at least if you want to be payed for your much-misunderstood skill. It’s just the cathartic experience one needs – designer or not – to put everything back in perspective and realize it’s never really that bad… just really funny. For more, check out


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