Surreal Sculptures Mix Nature with Man-Made Objects

What is it exactly that make these surreal sculptures stand so far out from the crowd? Like many of their sculptural brethren they combine objects in unexpected ways, juxtaposing them in such a fashion that challenges us rethink our previous understanding of their varied parts… but these have something more. Perhaps it is the unique way artist Myeongbeom Kim combines objects from nature with those that are man-made.

Helium balloons feature in many of the pieces, supporting natural objects from entire trees to a persons hair. While the interpretation is left up to the viewer, the bond between nature and the modern material world is clearly brought closer together while perhaps raising questions about the role of nature in our day-to-day lives. The combination also breathes newfound life into the inanimate objects, giving them far more than their predictable human-created form.


Splitting his time between the States and South Korea, Kim received his BFA from the University of Seoul in Environmental Sculpture and later got an MFA in Sculpture from School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Find out more about the artist at


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