Tumblr Treasures- Typography Around the Big Apple

In the concrete jungle where dreams are made of (props to Alicia Keys), there are more businesses on each block than in the entirety of some towns. To some this means endless take-out food possibilities and the best shopping in the world, but to others it means a nearly infinite supply of magnificent typography. Luke Connolly started a Tumblr called NYC Type which is his photographic documentation of some of the best typography in the Big Apple. Shot with his Nikon D700 and 50mm Nikkor 1.4, Luke’s eye for gorgeous color contrasts and amusing lettering will surely keep you entertained.


Luke Connolly is a man of many talents from photography to web design to entrepreneurship of a cross-site wish list called Whimventory. You can follow him on his personal Twitter account or see the latest additions to the NYC Type Tumblr as soon as they are posted on the NYC Type Twitter. If you love the NYC Type Tumblr as much as we do, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are 2 similar sites across the Atlantic: London Typography & Dublin Type Tumblr.

Above: 13th & Ave B
Below: Houston & Eldridge

2nd St & 1st Ave

Broadway & W. 3rd

Gold St & John St

Park Place & West Broadway

12th St & 1st Ave

12th St & 1st Ave

12th St & 2nd Ave

North 9th St (Williamsburg, BK)

Lorimer St & Metropolitan Ave

38th St & Park Ave

Orchard St & Broome St

9th St & 1st Ave

12th St & Ave B

Under the Brooklyn Bridge

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