Rockin’ Reddits- Re-Styling Your Favorite Characters

It’s always fun to see a cartoon character re-vamped by an artist in a way that you’d never expect. Wilma Flintstone as a pin-up girl, Smurfette as a sexpot, Iron Man Pixar style, and the Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack & Sally as realistic people are just a few of the clever pieces that you’ll find in our Sub-Reddit of the week AlternativeArt. According to the sub-Reddit’s creator, I_RAPE_CATS,

Alternative art, although I do not have a dictionary defined definition, is art that intends to reflect its original design/theme but different art techniques, themes, styles or other varying “twists” are added to make the art original and “alternative.”


If you’ve seen something that fits this criteria, be sure to submit it here to share with the 13,000+ subscribers and don’t forget, you can link to the original source- even if you’re using imgur for your submission. Be sure to click on the users below to see the thread of conversations sparked by each image.

Above: Smurfette’s All Grown Up by Scott Zambelli posted by Redditor fishstock
Below: South Park x Gorillaz posted by Redditor epyk93

Disney Family Guy posted by Redditor iGhandi

Hagrid & Harry Potter by ScottieYoung posted by Redditor komodo_dragonzord

Appa from The Last Airbender posted by Redditor vulpesvulpes_

Batman Beyond Re-thought posted by Redditor macshot7m

Bedrock Gals by *qiqo posted by Redditor doctorinfierno

Jack & Sally by AlexRuizArt posted by Redditor komodo_dragonzord

Kim Jong un As Android-19 from Dragonball-Z posted by Redditor komodo_dragonzord

Pacman by mscorley posted by Redditor 121jigawatts

Pixar-Ironman by Victor Hugo posted by Redditor komodo_dragonzord

Teenage Mutant Ninja Aliens posted by Redditor ktsang1988

Tool Time by danndesigns posted by Redditor Zero00430

3 Nigel Moon by TheLaaarch posted by Redditor Mitsjol

Calvin & Hobbes by Casey Weldon posted by Redditor referencenumber

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