Stylish Typography Made of Cement Bricks

What you’re looking at here is one of the heaviest typefaces we can imagine: a gorgeous modular alphabet made completely out of concrete. David McGillivray cleverly designed the series using only 7 unique shapes which he cast into a set of 14 blocks of concrete. He then arranged the pieces into each different, and highly stylized glyph.


Why create such a unique set of type? McGillivray says he was inspired by the massive Brutalist architecture around London, and that of the Hayward Gallery in particular. In creating the set he worked to explore the connections between typography and architecture, merging the two by using a pre-fab kit style system familiar in the architectural world and appling it to that of typography. The series would certainly look at home placed in an architectural setting, and would have the advantage over other cast designs that it uses a minimal amount of mold designs to create. For a look at the complete series of letters, head to McGillivray’s website.

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