Tumblr Treasures- Questionable Advice

Advertisements have been shaping societal values for centuries. They offer advice for how to best “fit in” to the mainstream culture. As our values change, not always for the better, it is fun to look back on the messages that people took to heart before our time. The featured Tumblr this week is called QuestionableAdvice and it is a collection of advertisements from the past. The ads below are just a small selection of the bounty of hilarious advice that you will find on the Tumblr, including a Domino Sugar diet. You can also follow Questionable Advice on Twitter and Facebook.

Above: Chicago Police and Noise Pollution, May 1942 via Flickr
Below: Stromberg-Carlson ad for War Bonds and radios, 1943 via Flickr

Below: Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia, c. 1910-1912 via Internet Archive

Canada Dry Ginger Ale ad, 1972 via Flickr

San Rafael Cook Book, 1906 via Archive.org

Gordon Mackay & Co. Ltd, 1922 via Archive.org

Eddy’s “Silent” Parlor Matches, Canadian Almanac, 1910 via Internet Archive

Levi’s, 1971 via Flickr

Cosmopolitan June-November 1910 (v.49) via HathiTrust Digital Library

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