A Robotic Arm Lends a Hand to Slow Motion Filmography

In the world of slow motion cinematography the camera action has always been still due to technical limitations, until now. The Marmalade has put together a production studio consisting of directors, DoPs, model-makers, mechanical engineers, food stylists, pyrotechnicians, matte painters, fluids specialists, 3D-animators, and compositing professionals which is capable of producing complex slo-mo shots, using their state of the art equipment and software.

To accomplish this, the team has created their own software that can move a robotic arm precisely as needed. This clean movement matched with high speed film can produce amazingly slow and dynamically moving shots never seen before. To illustrate this technology they’ve released a behind this scenes video that demonstrates their production process and all of the flowing, falling and creative effects.

Above: Christian Fritz, Lead Developer at Spike, describes the action of the robotic arm revolving around an object.
Below: Behind the Scenes at The Marmalade

SPIKE Reel 2011

By moving both the object and the camera simultaneously, incredibly dynamic shots are produced.

Adding the last touches to make every shot look perfectly polished

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