An Explosive Rainbow of Bright Skulls

Javier Gonzalez Pacheco started drawing skulls when he was just a kid, and with all those years of practice he’s gotten really, really good at it. His latest creations, both digital and hand-drawn, feature the macabre object in a host of interesting and colorful situations: inside the helmets of space suits, morphing into tape decks, exploding into wild psychedelic swirls and patterns. It all sounds a bit random until you see the engaging and unifying style of his very rocking work.

Far from being depressing, evil or sad in nature, Pacheco’s art captures the image of the skull in an iconic and rather non-deathly way. Perhaps this is the bright range of colors he seamlessly weaves into each image, giving it a patchwork rainbow of expressive hues. This is especially so in his hand-drawn pen and ink images, where he uses multi-colored crosshatching to great effect. Interested in seeing more? Head to his DeviantArt page for a full look at his portfolio or to beg him to make these beautiful pieces into prints…

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