In Order to Control: Typography Shadows

It’s a strange experience when you see your shadow and it doesn’t match up with reality… especially when it’s made of bright, moving text. That’s the experience visitors to the Freemote Arts and Co-Creation Festival were treated to in Utrecht, Holland. The interactive experience, created by Nota Bene and called In Order to Control, featured a patch of moving text on the floor of the display space. When curious observers stepped onto the patch of typography to read it, their silhouette was cast on the wall before them in the same moving text. It was as if their shadow had been cut from the floor below and moved to the wall. Clever.

Just what are the words about? The text loops prose about ethics and morality in our modern era. Commenting on the more ironic aspects of our society and the way it works by using control.

How was the visualization done? While details are sparse on production techniques, it appears to be some sort of Microsoft Kinect like technology, tracking the outlines of observers and then transferring them through a computer interface to a projector. Fairly simple, but with highly entertaining and attractive results. You can find out more, and read a full copy of the projected text at Nota Bene Visual.


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