Illustrating Landscapes for Happy People

It’s no secret that here at Visual News we are real suckers for maps and clever illustrations, so when we found these designs by Belgium based design studio Khuan + Ktron we were floored. Each of their designs, whether representing some real location or a conceptual idea, playfully illustrates a world of large landmarks, curving roads, and happy people. Composed of a trio of multinational talents, perhaps their websites statement expresses their creative philosophy best as:

“a warm shelter for wandering monks, martial arts instructors, spare-time pathologists, daisypickers, vegan cooks, flute-playing shepherds, slightly aging anarcho-punks, ascetics and other zealots, off-season theme park enthusiasts and maggot-infested zombies, united by their mutual interests and passions.”

Their fun approach has been serving them well, having illustrated for a large selection of periodicals and events across the european continent. In the case of these map themed examples, their work has represented both actual countries, and conceptual ideas where they have frequently commented on social and environmental issues. In the brilliantly communicated example above a landscape slowly transforms from one dependent on non-renewable fuels into one which strives to work with sustainable methods.

For more of this talented crews work, including many illustrations that are hardly map based (think zombie apocalypse meets Buddhist meditation), head to or an even more extensive collection on Flickr.


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