Paper Sculptures From An Ethereal World

Marielle van den Bergh creates fantastic sculpures out of just bamboo and paper. Her large, often floating pieces, remind me of Lauri Faggioni’s etherial work for The Science of Sleep, creating a dreamlike world where hand-crafted objects just might come to life if you look at them the right way. Her works include boats, fanciful creatures somewhere between foxes and fish, and even beautiful lanterns in a flooded stone hut. Each are the kind of piece that would look equally at home in a museum or as an imaginative focal point in your own home.


Because of their extremely light construction, van den Bergh’s work is often created to float over the spaces they occupy, further adding to their alive and magical nature. Based in the Netherlands, her work has featured in many public places, galleries and private homes. Although her work with paper is highly advanced, she hardly holds herself to one medium, also exploring ceramics, metal, textiles and more. Most recently she has created a large carpet featuring a marbled map of Ireland for The Custom House. You can see this and much more at her recently updated site


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