Tiny Islands Made from Mirrored Landscapes

Covered in Italian villas, beachcombers, and strangely symmetrical rock formations, tiny magical islands spring from the sea. It’s the beautiful world of photographer Gustav Willeit… and what makes it so intriguing isn’t necessarily his mirrored images near symmetry, it’s the few non-symmetrical elements which really grab your eye: a bus tours around a apparently circular ring road, a boat anchors on one shore of otherwise identical sides of an island, twin peninsulas surround multi-colored italian villas. These small touches of non-symmetry lend his images the credible touches that makes us wonder: is this the real world?


Now a freelance photographer, Willeit originally grew up in Italy, studying art at F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign in Zürich, Switzerland. He subsequently worked as assistant to various photographers around Zürich before going freelance in 2006. His work ranges from impressive snowy landscapes and mountains around Europe, to intimate and texturally rich images of small stone villages. All of his work is of the utmost quality and is absolutely worth a close look. See more, including his latest shots from the top of seriously treacherous mountain tops, at guworld.com.


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