Great Illusionists: Anamorphic Union Jack in London

When it comes to symbols representing the fabulous United Kingdom, few come close to the iconic and bold Union Jack. This red, white and blue flag is a symbol and source of national pride, and a beautifully designed one at that. Now in a clever act of visual trickery, students Joseph Egan and Hunter Thomson have recreated the symbol in anamorphic form, only appearing as its whole from one perfect vantage point.

The piece was created for the upcoming June issue of Completely London, a quarterly magazine dedicated to bringing everything that’s special about the British capital to life. The installation will feature on their cover, including the two 22 year old creators. The duo earlier gained recognition during their foundation degree course at Chelsea College of Art & Design for a popular video of their inspiring anamorphic typography, and were subsequently commissioned to create this beautiful piece.

This project took the creative fellows 26 hours of work and a sizable 1,584 meters of tape in the 80 square meter exhibition space. Be sure to check out the video of the installation below for a complete look at how the piece comes together… and be sure to grab the latest issue of Completely London when it comes out in June!

Watch the anamorphic Union Jack take shape below:

Thanks Richard @ Completely London!

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