Tiny Landscapes in the Big, Big World

Taking over a city near you, is Slinkachu! This seasoned installation artist has been “abandoning little people on streets since 2006,” creating scenes that from a close perspective appear to be full sized scenes, but from a distance turn out to be minuscule sculptures cleverly interacting with the urban environment. In this UK based artists works, puddles become lakes for fishing, painted lines on pavement become snowy fields, and deer inspect huge cigarette butts. Not everything is to scale, but that’s the point.


Slinkachu uses his tiny installations to encourage city-dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings. His works reflect an environment that can often be overwhelming and, considering the mass of people in those places, surprisingly lonely and melancholy. Not one to be a downer, his works also mix in a healthy amount of humor in their scaled juxtapositions, leaving one with a sense of appreciative empathy for the lot of their fellow humans. For more works from Slinkachu including his most recent work, check out his blog or slinkachu.com. You can also follow him on Twitter or friend him up on Facebook.

In Grottaglie, Italy:

The image above was another street installation from last year’s Fame Festival in Italy. This one had a miniature speaker and mp3 player hidden inside the cigarette box, playing sounds of coughing. We moved in to a busier area where Angelo (founder of Fame Festival) and I filmed reactions to the installation as people passed by. We would have liked to have shot more, but it was right before a big festival at the church (right behind where we placed the installation) and they kept ringing the church bells. And then the brass band started up. I think that is why every parent tries to shoo their child away – “Come on, get to church!”

See a video of the installation below:


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