Philosophy Posters: Beautiful and Inspiring Words

Sometimes all it takes for us to have that ‘aha’ moment, that revelatory kernel of truth that wakes us up and sends us in the right direction, is one sentence spoken clearly and concisely. These posters do just that, capturing some of the wisdom written by the great philosophers that have gone before us, those who explored the far boundaries of human understanding and wisdom. The bold, black and white typography against a newsprint like halftone, is just the right look for such truthful statements strongly said.


The series of posters was created by Max Temkin, a designer and print maker from Chicago, Illinois. He was inspired to create the set after a retiring teacher gave him a poster containing an enlightening message from Friedrich Nietzsche… but one that was designed in a fashion far less inspiring than the quote itself. Looking to create something more fitting of the wise words these thinkers gave us, he recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and sell the beautiful hand silk-screened posters at a bargain price of $20 a pop… and has had a huge amount of interest. In fact, he’s sold 1362 prints to date. It’s almost as inspiring a story as the quotes he’s sharing. To get your hands on one of these prints and their deep messages, head to Max’s site: Maxistentialism.

Max’s Kickstarter video explains his motivation behind the project:


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