Self-Learning: The New Master’s Degree

The free wheeling heydays of paying 100s of thousands of dollars for an education while driving around with the top down screaming, “Money ain’t a thang,” times may soon be over. People are getting tired of paying an exorbitant amount of money for a quality education — and not even the best in the world. Employers are starting to care less and less about your degree, or where you went to school; but, more about the actual skills you possess. Self-learning is becoming the new way to advance your education, learn new skills, and may become the master’s degree of the future.

Technology will play a key role in offering people around the world an opportunity to get an excellent education. All students will need to give, in exchange, is their hard work, and time spent learning the material. Professors from Stanford, MIT, and other magnificent schools are starting to put certain courses online for free. There are other online hubs, such as Udemy, which allow users to create a class, upload videos, and then give  the class away for free, or charge a small fee.

“The self-motivated learner will be on the web. And there will be far less place-based [college] things…college — except for the parties — needs to be less place-based.” — Bill Gates

Check out the infographic below, or a full-version of it, here.

Via: Udemy

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