Number of Babies Born On Every Day Of The Year

Some people really enjoy the holidays and get into the spirit. It’s a time to visit with family and relatives, drink some spiked eggnog, exchange gifts, and pass out on the sofa watching James Bond 007 marathons (why James Bond marathons are always on during the holidays we don’t understand, but fully support). Some people take having a little bit of fun and turn the nob up to 11, one wilder than 10. Cue your parents when they were dating… they enjoyed the holidays entirely and created you (too much information?).

December 25th is the least popular birthdate of the year, except for the leap year date of February 29th (for obvious reasons). The most popular birthday of the year is September 16th (spiking eggnog and making babies could very well become an Olympic sport). The interactive graphic was based off of data put together by Harvard’s Amitabh Chandra, and modeled off of another heat map created over the weekend by NPR’s Matt Stiles. This interactive was created by Andy Kriebel of VizWiz in Tableau, and the orange color scape was chosen because he felt that the “orange pallet made distinguishing the colors easiest.”

See where your birthday ranks in the interactive below, or view the original here.

via: Huffington Post

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