Tumblr Treasures: Reading is Cool!

Welcome to our first installment of Tumblr Treasures! Each Thursday, we will be featuring some of our favorite hidden Tumblr gems. This week we were impressed with 2 incredible Tumblr pages with a similar theme: Attractive People Reading and Awesome People Reading. Mark Twain once said “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read”, so if you’re reading this post thank your teachers and pick up a nice book for summer reading!

The images in this post are just a tiny fraction of the extensive galleries these sites have compiled, so when you’ve finished scrolling through, be sure to click on the links above to see more. Also, check out our Visual News Tumblr while you’re at it for a bite-sized version of our site.

Above: Betty Page
Below: Catherine Denevue

Michelle Williams

Benedict Cumberbatch

Marilyn Monroe

James Dean

Jessica Alba

Unknown- If you can identify this lovely lady, please comment below!

James Dean

Jake Gyllenhall

Grace Kelly

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