The Third Dimension

Inspired by Japanese traditional craftsmanship, Mikas Emil, who lived in Japan for a year, works with his paintings in a more dimensional way, but using modern techniques of today. The 29 year old Architect received his Masters in Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Architecture last summer. For the project featured below, he started with a 2 dimensional drawing of a face, three-dimensionally modeled it in Rhino, then milled the 3D drawing using a CNC milling machine in plywood.

Emil, who currently lives in Copenhagen, enjoyed exploring the use of industrial machines as a tool to “achieve a new and different motif, leaving the drawing in the hands of the machine, [which] immediately creates a new set of rules and guidelines.” Machines have their own technical limits, such as the size of a stroke line; this one was unable to mill the fine lines in the original drawing. The result is an awesome three-dimensional product that is unpredictable. Emil is looking forward to exploring new materials with this technique in the future. Emil’s art blends traditional painting with new modern technology, mixing between the 2 dimensional and the 3 dimensional. Be sure to check out more of his fascinating projects in his online gallery.

The original 2D drawing:

A Collage for the cover page of Mikas’ Thesis:

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