How to Spot an Instagram Junky

If a picture says a thousand words, than an Instagram photo says those words with old school flair. It’s hard to make an image look bad when it’s got that retro/sexy feel a Polaroid or Holga camera would snap… and now you get to share those images with your friends around the globe and keep track of what they’re doing with the flip of your thumb.

It’s a pretty addictive app and the numbers show it. With the recent expansion to include the Android market, the massively popular digital photo-sharing app now has over 40 million users world-wide, making it one of the most used photoblog platforms on the market.


This fun graphic looks at those Instagram users that can’t seem to put their smart phones down, have cramped thumbs from scrolling and liking friends images, and probably haven’t pushed the shutter button on their “real” retro camera in months. With any luck, it will help you spot these users before they catch you awkwardly stuffing your face with a hamburger and upload it to their 534 followers… then again, it might just show how much of a junky you are.

Head over to Flowtown or click the graphic below for a full-sized view:


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