Inspiring Post-It Notes Left in Public

Sometimes we just need a helpful reminder of how good life actually is… or if it’s not right now, maybe a little motivational note to remind us how to get through the day. Many times the smallest statements — the littlest kernels of truth — are the best way to snap us back into seeing the world in all its beauty and make us forget the momentary trouble that had been consuming us. That’s just what these inspirational Post-It Notes are sure to do.

Post-it notes

Created by a mysterious person over at the quickly booming Blogger site Things We Forget, this individual has been creating inspiring messages in permanent marker on the little yellow sticky notes and leaving them around the city to inspire random passerby. Can you imagine how nice it would be to find a little hand-crafted note on a day when it’s looking a bit bleak? It might be just the lift you need.


Now you’ve got two choices. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, there are very cool posters available, featuring a matrix of the notes sure to make you and your wall feel a bit brighter. The other option, if you have some spare wisdom and happiness to share, is to grab a cube of Post-Its and hit the town with your own messages. Fun!


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