Data+Design Project: Bar Chart April is Now Live!

We are happy to announce that the April contributions selected for the Data + Design Project are now live! Each month we’ve been challenging a select group of designers to create something unique and interesting following some very simple rules: this month they used the standard bar chart and came up with some really unique designs and topics, ranging from crayons to surfing. For more on this fun project, or to see about being part of it, head to the main Data + Design page.

A special thanks to this month’s contributors! Click any image below to go to the main Data + Design page and see a full-sized view:

1. Adrian Walsh –

2. Peter Orntoft –

3. Jared Fanning –

4. Matthew Korbel-Bowers –

Some background on the project:

As ardent supporters of the union between data and design, the project is a curated gallery that showcases how flexible and beautiful data visualizations can actually be. With the Visual News website getting over 1.1 million monthly visitors, 13,000 Facebook fans and 2,900 Twitter followers, we hope this can become a valuable resource for inspiration.

Each month, a few designers are invited to create a data visualization piece, using data about a subject which interests them. We will be assigning a featured visualization theme at the beginning of the month, then it is up to the designer to decide how complex or simple they want to make their graphic based on that theme. Each week we will post another designer’s creation for all to learn from and enjoy.

Data is everywhere, and we want to see the many ways data from everyday life can be interpreted. For more information about the Data + Design project, or if you are interested in participating, click here.

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