Robots and Ray Guns from the Retro Future

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here, full of exciting advancements in technology, designed to make life better and fighting fiercer… and all of it is decidedly retro. From flame blasting rocket ships, to Atomic Freeze blasting ray guns and helpful autonomous robots, the future is looking pretty exciting… especially if you’re the adventurous Buck Rogers type.


Created by Michael Murdock of Sabor Design Studios, these well worn designs appear to be ads from a lost alternate universe. Each features the diagram of some imaginative technology, along with detailed notes on their pertinent features. Picture radio’s or hover spheres anyone? I could have geeked out on these for hours as a kid, drawing scenario after scenario for how to use or improve each design. In the case of these though, we’re looking at claims that these are their ‘newest’ versions… so you can expect them to be top notch gear.

Interested in more from Michael Murdock? He’s been actively creating a host of retro designs in a similar early mid-century style, along with a bunch of great sketch and motion graphic work. Check out his site, Sabor Designs, or see his Society 6 page for cool merch.


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