The Solar System: Beautifully Visualized in Scale

If you could get all the planets in the galaxy together for a photo shoot in the studio, it would probably look a lot like these insanely well done illustrations of the planetary crew. That’s right too… these aren’t Photoshopped satellite images, but actually 3D digital illustrations of our most local cosmic neighbors.

Created by freelance designer David Fuhrer, each of the planets is rendered against a white background, much like one would photograph a new car in the studio. The stark background brings out the bright hues of the colorful orbs, unlike the starry black background we are used to seeing. In the group illustrations, each planet is displayed in scale to its neighbors, giving us an insightful and revealing look into just how small (or big) our planet earth actually is compared to the others. The illustrations are called The Cosmos, and are part of a series for an upcoming documentary and German book.


Ready to learn a great way to remember the order of the planets as you travel away from the sun? The writer over at Best Bookmarks (where we found out about the series) turned us on to a great mnemonic for remembering their order: My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. Of course, that was back when Pluto was considered a planet… so now we might have to say: My Very Exasperated Mother Just Served Us Nachos. Sounds about right.

For more of David Fuhrer’s inspiring work, head to his website









The Moon

The inner solar system (in order of scale)

The outer solar system (in order of scale)


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