Two Brothers, One Piece of Art

The work of two brothers is more than just a piece of art, it is a form of joint communication. James and Tom Gulliver work together to create colorful, explorative art. Tom was born with Down Syndrome and the work he creates with his brother allows him to communicate past his disability and use the art to show his feelings and thoughts. It is neat to see the brothers work together and create such interesting work. Each piece looks like an experiment where all of the parts are shown in an exploded view. They are full of layers, which makes them so intriguing. James makes the main image and Tom creates the outlying drawings. The subject matter seems to focus on people and their individual perceptions of the world around them — it gives the viewer a unique peek into both artist’s minds.


Tom and James Gulliver grew up in Sydney, Australia, where they began painting and drawing together as soon as they could both draw. James and his four year younger brother’s collaborative work has featured in exhibits and art shows around the world. James splits time in Sydney, Australia and Brooklyn, NY and works as an artist for many international clients; Tom lives in an assisted living home in Sydney, Australia. To learn more about their work check out

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