Child’s Caves: Re-Imagining The Fantasies of Childhood

What was it like building forts in your house as a kid? Did you create space ships, fairytale castles, jungle forts or tipis? Did you use sheets, cardboard boxes, umbrellas and broomsticks? I remember sharing a room with my brother, twin beds on each wall and creating some pretty plush forts between using old comforters, loads of pillows from the house (sorry Mom) and anything possible to make their ceilings stand tall. Sometimes they’d be castles, sometimes we thought we were building roller coasters… one thing was for sure though: when the lights went out and we were supposed to be sleeping, we’d crawl back inside and imagine fantastic adventures late into the night.


This wonderful and nostalgia-inducing series of photographs by Björn Ewers and Studio314, re-imagines what it was like to be a kid, full of imagination and able to transform any household item into something completely inhabitable. The images capture a world many of us would like to return to, one filled with wonder, creativity and the carefree knowledge that tomorrow might be filled with building even better forts. Ewers’ creations include a jungle cave, an airplane, a pirate ship, a moon landing and more. Check out more work from him at Studio314.


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