Awful Drawings to Make You Smile

These drawings are simply awful… and by awful, we mean awfully awesome. Paris based artist/sketcher Matthieu Barrère has been creating a slew of these well thought out and quickly drawn illustrations for a while now. His sense of humor is sometimes cheesy and sometimes even a bit dark, but always sure to make you smile. He looks at life from a skewed angle, often taking everyday cliches and giving them a new twist which brings them to life again. While reading through his large collection (which he’s generously placed in the Creative Commons), we couldn’t help but think of friends who would need to see one or two.


How can you get your hands on some of these cool illustrations? If you think they’d look good on a t-shirt, you’re right. Barrère has a load of designs available over at Society6, but if you’re not into wearing them you can also get them as iPhone cases or even stationary (man, that site is cool for artists). If you just want to get a daily smile update though, head to Matthieu’s personal site (it’s a tumblr) or follow him on Twitter of Facebook.


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