Levitating Sculptures Gracefully Defy Gravity

In woodlands, public spaces and private gardens around the world, artist Cornelia Konrads creates dreamlike outdoor sculptures that literally lift off the ground. In one case, the rocks making up a stone wall lift into the air as if pulled by an alien tractor beam; in another, woodland sticks converge from the forest floor to form a doorway to nowhere. It is a surreal and dreamlike experience which would certainly be special to encounter on a leisurely stroll.


Not one to shy away from change, Konrads’ work has transformed immensely over the years. The German artist began her career creating much different work: small book sculptures with cut pages or affixed materials. Later her work grew vastly in scope and scale as she created the outdoor works you see here. Most recently her work has included large sculptural works which remix everyday objects such as half buried houses and, for those adventurous souls, a giant slingshot attached to a park bench. To get a personal experience of the bench, see this very cool 360 degree interactive view or for more of Konrads work, see cokonrads.de.


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