25 of the World’s Coolest Concept Cars

They’re radical, exotic, and they come directly from the imaginations of the best engineers and designers in the world. Unfortunately though, most concept cars never see the production line. They are usually so groundbreaking or “futuristic” that mass production is either unfeasible or impossible. Nevertheless, car companies make good use of them in trying to gauge customer reactions, especially to new, radical designs. These are 25 of the world’s coolest concept cars.

25 – erRinGo (2009)
This electric concept car from designer Mohammad Ghezel is encircled by three “wheels”. Although a gyro system keeps the car on the main wheel for most of the ride the two side wheels are used to provide balance and support through turns. The craziest part though? This car has almost just as many wheels on the inside as it does on the out. With a steering wheel for both passengers we would urge you to choose your traveling companions wisely.


24 – P-Eco (2010)
Powered by piezoelectricity (look it up), the P-Eco was designed by Jung-Hoon Kim of South Korea. Because we know you’re not going to actually look up piezoelectricity we’ll provide a basic explanation. Essentially, as soon as the car starts numerous “chords” begin to vibrate throughout the vehicle creating an electric current and thus charging the battery.


23 – A360 (2008)
Part UFO, part fighter jet, this concept car from Huynh Ngoc Lan takes the traditional concept of turning to a new level…by eliminating it. Running on three spheres rather than wheels, its body is capable of moving in any direction. Moreover the cabin can swivel 360 degrees to accommodate the change.


22 – Lovos (2009)
Standing for Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity, Lovos is meant to raise questions about the complexity of our world but without a doubt it will raise some eyebrows as well. Like something out of Transformers, it is covered with 260 identical “scales” that operate as everything from air brakes to solar panels, and depending upon various factors they open and close independently of each other.


21 – Aurora Safety Car (1957)
Often hailed as one of the ugliest cars of all time, the Aurora was the first ESV (experimental safety vehicle) ever designed. As the brainchild of Father Alfred A. Juliano, a Catholic priest, it was created with only one goal in mind – to make the safest car ever. Although it never actually managed to reach production it is still remembered today, albeit for different reasons.

Aurora Safety Car

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